Dark Fantasies
A blog where I post my darkest and kinkiest fantasies.
I'll mostly BDSM, hentai, and anything that I want to try.
Care to take a step into my mind~?
NSFW. 18+
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topjames2 asked: what is your deepest darkest sexual fantasy?



I want to be kidnapped and used for a week or so in somebody’s basement until he gets bored. Then he ties me to a tree in the woods. Some guy jogging notices me and he feeds me and does his morning workout on my holes every day for a month. Then he sells me to someone else. And it keeps going like that because you need to recycle the public slut. I know it is not realistic :) Never gonna happen, and if it comes close to happening I will freak out immediately :) But the pussy wants what it wants..


I’m sure the big brother has tons of footage of me getting fucked. In public bathrooms, on hotel balconies, in dark alleys..

(Source: tickled-pink1)

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